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Kent-based bespoke seating specialist Channel Healthcare has helped someone’s Christmas wish come true this festive season after donating a vitally-needed chair to a client in Lancashire.

Convinced by the company’s Trustpilot reviews, Wendy got in touch with Channel Healthcare to explain that she was searching for a chair with a low seat height and wide width.

Having heard her requirements, Channel Healthcare’s Shaun McCluskey thought he might have something in stock that would meet Wendy’s needs which had been ordered by another client who had changed their mind.

Shaun commented: “Wendy explained that she’d already had several companies out to visit her but none had been able to offer a solution so I didn’t tell Wendy I might have something suitable as I would not be sure until I had carried out a full assessment.”

It was en route to Wendy’s assessment that Shaun says he stopped at a local café and spoke to some of the locals about why he was in the area and who he was going to see.

“Everyone knew Wendy and told me how she’d lost her husband and had no family close by,” he continued.

“I left the café and saw all the Christmas decorations in the local shops, I decided Wendy would be the first recipient of the Channel Healthcare Christmas Gift Campaign which we intend to run every Christmas.”

The company says following Wendy’s assessment, the chair was an ideal fit.

“As with every assessment, the first thing I told Wendy on meeting her was that she would not be making any final decision or purchase that day which was one of her main concerns,” described Shaun.

“After every assessment, we leave a quote along with the guarantee that they will not hear from us again unless they contact us by phone or email – there is no follow-up pressure from us whatsoever”.

Following the assessment, Shaun gave Wendy the news that there was no need to worry about prices as Channel Healthcare had decided she would be the first recipient of their annual Christmas Gift scheme.

“No words can convey how grateful I am to Shaun and Channel Healthcare for their amazing generous gift and the comfort, warmth and security it has given me,” commented Wendy.

“I must also say a special thank you to Shaun.  Not only did he offer excellent service but in addition to this, he also rearranged my living room furniture to ensure my new chair could be placed by the radiator in front of the TV, moved three other chairs into the garage, moved some furniture in my bedroom, rearranged other furniture and then fixed my favourite clock in the kitchen.  I simply can’t describe how grateful I am and I would not hesitate in recommending this amazing company to anyone.”

With a combined 50 years of experience in the seating industry experience, Channel Healthcare was founded by Mark Fowkes in 2017, with Shaun McCluskey joining in August 2018.

According to Shaun, when he joined Channel, they realised there was a gap in the market for a company offering independent seating advice from a cross-section of manufacturers and took the decision to change the business model to address this

Still a relatively young company, Channel Healthcare has worked and continues to work with many of the UK’s leading seating manufacturers including Kirton, Direct Healthcare, CareFlex, Primacare, Repose Furniture, Rise & Recline and Apollo Healthcare.

“2019 has been another successful year for us in terms of growth and market share and hearing such amazing feedback from Wendy makes all the hard work worthwhile, finished Shaun.

“2020 promises to be another exciting year for everyone connected with Channel Healthcare and we are looking forward to making several significant announcements in the first quarter of the year. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the manufacturers and Occupational Therapists we work with for their support and wish them all a very Merry Christmas.”