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Bespoke Riser Recliner

Features & Benefits

Made to Measure

We believe everyone has the right to feel the benefits of a correctly fitted chair especially when you consider the duration of time we spend sitting, We design a chair specific to your requirements and confirm all specification on the day of your free home demonstration.

Be Kind to your Posture

Channel Healthcare understand that a correctly sized chair can play a significant part in managing your posture both now and in the future. We do not believe in a compromise between comfort and style, Lets help you achieve both, you deserve it!

Complimentary Products

We offer made to measure matching sofas including static sofas, manual recliner sofas, electric recline sofas and can even include a rise facility if required. Made to Measure Foot Stools and Toy Boxes can also be provided in a matching fabric.    

FREE Home Visit

We pride ourselves on our caring, professional and relaxed home demonstration service.  A bespoke and detailed quotation will be left with you.  All you need to do is simply to come back to us if you wish to proceed further. You won’t find us offering ridiculous discounts either we would prefer to offer you an honest price upfront. 

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Build Your Chair

1 – Choose your style

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Many more styles available on request

2 – Choose your action

Single Motor Chairs
A single motor chair will provide you with a two-way, tilt-in-space action that gives high leg elevation without the occupant experiencing friction or shear as the seat to back angle remains constant. This is controlled through an uncomplicated three-buttoned handset; 2 buttons to operate the chair and one button to unlock the handset.
Dual Motor Chairs
As the name suggests, dual motor chairs utilise two motors, operated by a five-buttoned handset to allow independent legrest and backrest operation. The backrest can be reclined virtually flat with minimal friction or shear as the backrest opens away from the seat.
Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Chairs
Dual motor Tilt-in-Space Chairs enable independent backrest operation with the addition of a tilt-in-space recline motion. The tilt-in-space movement significantly enhances comfort by minimising the amount of friction and shear and multi-positioning legrest elevation is also provided.
Wallhugger Chairs
Utilising a single motor, wallhugger chairs are ideal for use next to walls or in confined areas. As the back reclines the legrest rises in a single motion and the chair moves forward and away from the wall, requiring just a 5-6″ gap behind it.

3 – Back rest options

Waterfall back

Soft button back

‘T’ back

‘Dream’ tall lateral back

Two piece lateral support back
with central split.
One piece lateral support back
with attached laterals.
Two piece lateral support back
with separate upper waterfall
One piece lateral support back
with separate laterals attached
with Velcro

4 – Made to measure

Here at Channel Healthcare we provide truly custom made solutions to ensure you have the correct chair to meet your requirements.

Our chairs help provide long term comfort, postural support, well-being and can assist with maintaning independence. 

We do not believe in compromising on comfort and therefore recommend our customers experience the benefits of the perfect fitting chair. 

We welcome customers who may be wishing to obtain a second or third quotation from ourselves and strongly believe our service and prices to be the best in the industry. 

Seat Height

The correct seat height will aid standing and should be in proportion to the lower leg length. Typically we look for a 90 degree bend at the knee and feet flat on the floor.  We would also need to confirm if you would usually wear footwear whilst seated. 

We offer seat heights from just 10″ seat to floor height and can go as high as you need!

Seat Width

A correct seat width should allow for hip support and stability which will aid in comfort and also fatigue management. A chair with a seat width to wide can encourage leaning to one side which has a negative effect on the spine. We also consider any weight fluctuations and clothing which must also be considered.

Our chairs can be made with seat widths from 14″ – 34″

Seat Depth

The correct seat depth will eliminate the need for any additional cushions or pillows, the vast majority of chairs within the UK have a longer seat length than required which causes our bodies to sit in a slumped posture which can create long term problems

If your reading this while seated check if you can sit with your bottom touching the back rest of the chair without pressure on the back of your legs?   

Back Height

The correct back rest height and design will allow for your head and back to be supported whilst complimenting your unique body shape and posture, particular attention should be given to head support when in a reclined position as we often under appreciate the weight of the human head. 

Does your current chair provide you with the correct level of head support?

Arm height

The correct arm height will allow for your arms and elbows to naturally rest on top of the arm rest without lifting your shoulders or encouraging a lean to either side.

The correct arm height also plays a vital part in giving a base of support when standing from a chair.

Weight Limit

Its often a taboo subject to ask a persons weight but we want to ensure the chair we provide has a suitable weight limit for many years of use. Our best selling chairs come with a 25stone weight limit but we also provide chairs with weight limits up to a maximum of 70 stone. 

If you are unsure of your weight don’t worry we have many years of experience and can ensure our chair meets your needs.

5 – Choose your fabric

Channel Healthcare offer a massive range of fabrics and have an extensive network of suppliers throughout the UK. We can
supply chairs in any type of fabric, including soft luxurious chenilles, leathers, high performance fabrics and other specialist waterproof anti MRSA fabrics.

We can also use Customers Own fabrics as long as it passes UK fire regulation testing. Our dealers and fabric suppliers have swatches and can source all samples.

Matching sofas available

Sofas are available in any size, with different single or dual motor actions for recline only or rise and recline seating

6 – Optional extras


Heat and Massage

We can add Heat and Massage to almost any chair, unlike others we do not use inferior products from the Far East and provide quality units for less than £300 per chair! 

Battery Back Up

Our battery back up units can be provided to allow up to 40 cycles without electricity if you are prone to power cuts or wish to use your chair for long periods of time without being plugged in .

Integral Pressure Cushion

We offer a vast range of integral pressure relief, this can be added to the chair at the point of manufacture or as a later consideration. We use tried and tested products which include memory foam, Gels, water technology and air cushions. 

Drop Arm

A manual or electric drop arm option along with a vertical lift function can assist in wheelchair transfers allowing the user to set the chair at the desired height prior to the transfer.

Visit our partner site ‘Channel Recliners’ to see our full range of riser recliner chairs.